HRM 430 Benefits And Compensation

HRM 430 Benefits And Compensation

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Write a one-page (250–300 words) overview about the company and detail the compensation and/or benefit issue(s) you selected for your Course Project.

This refers to items 2 and 3 items listed under Course Project Overview above. This short paper is worth 50 points.

 The course project relates to the compensation and benefit strategy of an organization. Students will select an organization that is experiencing challenges with its compensation and/or benefit program. Some examples where challenges exist within the organization's compensation and benefit plan could include a high rate of employee turnover, an inability to recruit talented employees due to lack of proper compensation, an inability to fund an adequate benefit program, an incentive program where few employees reach their objectives, an inadequately funded retirement system, or a retirement plan that does not offer proper investment choices. Your paper will be graded according to how well you meet the tasks below.    

   -  Follow proper APA style/citations, grammar and punctuation, and so on. An APA tutorial is located on the HUB for assistance.

   -  Identify an organization with compensation or benefits challenges. It could be an organization with which you are familiar personally or through the media.

   -  Provide a detailed review of the compensation and/or benefit challenge (problem) at the organization. It is recommended that you concentrate on the principle compensation and/or benefit challenge(s) within a single organization, rather than a number of less important issues. Be careful to avoid selecting a topic that is too broad. At the same time, the challenge facing the organization should be broad enough to provide multiple strategies to help resolve the problem.…


HRM 430, Human Resources


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American based multinational corporation. The company is focused on technology development, manufacturing and marketing of computer hardware and software ...placed throughout the world.

The growth of IBM as a global organization has presented many compensation issues. One of the major issues that the company faces today is the development of compensation ...