COM 295 Week 4 Discussion Question Attention-Getter

COM 295 Week 4 Discussion Question Attention-Getter

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Table 14.1 of Chapter 14 includes a table showing an Attention-Getter and an example. Please study these seven items and select one for development and discussion within our class.

1. Identify the Attention-Getter you wish to use. 2. Use your personal or professional experiences to create an example of the Attention-Getter you are developing 3. Explain to the class why you consider it to be a valuable presentation method 4. Review and comment on other student postings.


Participation Different types of rhetoric can be used in order to communicate effectively. There are other forms of rhetoric besides the rhetorical question such as repetition. Repetition is one form of rhetoric that alone is unsuccessful in validly arguing a point. The assumption with this kind of rhetoric is that there are a few basic facts or points that are presented in an argument and continually used to be persuasive. With this kind of argument, there is a lack of critical thinking but it can be used to emphasize a point. I personally like the rhetorical question because it engages the listener or reader and forces them to answer the question in some manner. It also presents a means of asking a question which is unique. Such as Òhave you considered how much time is lost becauseÉ.?Ó This can be as effective as presenting an intriguing statistic.