COM 295 Week 3 Discussion Question AIM

COM 295 Week 3 Discussion Question AIM

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Please describe the AIM concept and provide an example of how you can use it in your professional or personal life.

The AIM concept.


Participation One of the values I find in the AIM process is the ability to clarify the message. Interpretations of messages can hinge largely on the mode of communication and the manner in which it is conveyed. Written communication can be concise and exact with its conveyance but poor word choice can lead to misinterpretation. Using slang or ambiguous language can lead to serious confusions. For example, saying something like Òhe kicked the bucketÓ can be interpreted as he died or he physically kicked the bucket. The written message can be confused with this type of clichŽ or slang writing. Electronic communications such as email and texting are perhaps the most terribly affected modes of communication. The electronic environment lends itself to bad practices such as abbreviating and toneless communication. While a friend might understand what one is saying, texting a boss the same message could have dire consequences. Saying something like ÒkÓ might sound like the person is being rude while a friend might understand they are simply saying ÒokayÓ. AIM provides a systematic means for eliminating these problems before a message is delivered.