CJS 250 Week 9 Discussion Question Key Components of a Security Plan

CJS 250 Week 9 Discussion Question Key Components of a Security Plan

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What are some of the key components of a security plan?

Which is the most important? Defend your answer.


Participation: it make me realize since at my present job since our only security officer who would watch over us at night has gotten himself fired and there is a hiring freeze at corporate we are very vulnerable to getting robbed, we have a panic button us cashiers are given it is a silent alarm to police department, and at home it make me more aware of my surroundings now i make sure my doors are locked on my van more often and i tend to look over my shoulder, sometimes i feel more paranoid now than ever. i will make sure doors are locked at night double check them before i go too sleep. My response: You can never be too aware or your surroundings or too safe about a situation. A job as being a cashier can at times be dangerous for the simply fact that you have a large amount of money right there in the drawer that you have control over. This goes to show that even simple jobs should have security personnel. I feel as though this class has given me the tips and knowledge I need to be my own safety personnel so to speak. I feel as though I can feel less because I am more aware now and would know how to handle the situation if ever I needed.