CJS 250 Week 2 Target Environment

CJS 250 Week 2 Target Environment

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Consider the definition of security given on pp. 71-72 of the text. Can any target environment ever be perfectly stable or predictable?

Why or why not? Why does the author stress that security efforts for any target environment are a Ònever-ending processÓ and that security objectives change over time? How can complacency pose a problem for security professionals?


Participation I have felt that way in the past. I once living in a community that began going bad and my car was constantly being broken into. I had to keep getting repairs done to the broken windows and after having two radios stolen I just gave up and stopped putting radios in the car and stopped locking the doors. It is easy to fall into that mentality when the situation seems hopeless. Participation This sort of begs the question why companies have not tried to sell car mounted cameras for security? I always thought it would be a good idea to have a camera in a car in order to film break-ins but I wonder if there is some reason why this is not done?