CJS 250 Week 2 Security AssessmentAppendix B

CJS 250 Week 2 Security AssessmentAppendix B

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Choose one of the Facts for Consideration sections from Ch. 3 of the text and list the page number for the section you chose. Then, complete the following table. List five threats appropriate to the environment from the section you chose.

Rate the risk for each threat from 0 (low) to 10 (high). Then, list five appropriate countermeasures. Once you complete the table, write a brief explanation of the countermeasures for the two threats with the highest risk total, stating how the countermeasure reduces the risk associated with that threat. This assessment is based on the Facts for Consideration on page _95___


...security for a womenÕs health center that performs abortions. An antiabortion group has planned a four-day conference in your city in the next week. Several of the groups expected to participate in the ...indirectly associated with an activist group connected with several bombings of abortion clinics. 2. You have a staff of 9 officers. You have 5 doctors ...