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CCJS 497 Week 2 Project 1 Research an Issue in Corrections

CCJS 497 Week 2 Project 1 Research an Issue in Corrections

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Project 1: Research an Issue in Corrections

Project Objectives ¥ to research a specific issue in the field of correctional management ¥ to critically analyze journal articles that reflect current or recent perspectives on that issue Assignment Use library resources to find two journal articles relating to one single particular issue in correctional management. Critique the quality of each article. Based upon the methodology of the study conducted, do you think the results are reliable and valid? Summarize the main points of both articles and then compare those main points. Do the articles reach the same conclusion? Compare each article to the textbook, as well. Does the corresponding section of the textbook seem to agree with the articles? What conclusions can you reach about the level of accordance among these writings? Analyze the articles and determine, based upon their conclusion(s), whether you believe that the conclusion(s) of the articles agree with your perception of the correctional management issue. Format Requirements ¥ Paper should be a minimum of 750 words (or about three pages) in APA format ¥ Double space ¥ 12 pt. font ¥ 1Ó margins ¥ Use APA citations for all sources ¥ Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count) Additionally - ¥ Create a cover page for your assignment (not included in word count) ¥ Include your name ¥ Course title and number ¥ Project title ¥ Date of submission


Privatization occurs in both federal and state prisons. Privatization takes place when a private, for-profit company is contracted by a government agency and provides the detention center as well as healthcare, meals ...interest in justice and protecting society as public service workers. This opposition to ...proponents who claim that privatization is less expensive and can be governed by placing regulations on the industry....