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BSS 482 Attacks and Counterstrategy

BSS 482 Attacks and Counterstrategy

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Part I: Role of the Malicious Actor

Your supervisor asks you to write a report in which you imagine that you are a malicious actor interested in exploiting or harming U.S. critical infrastructure.

Identify two critical infrastructure sectors you will attack, your motives for attacking and exploiting the sectors, the sectors’ potential vulnerabilities, and the approaches you will take to exploit the vulnerabilities in the following table.

Part 2: Counterstrategy

Now that you have proactively analyzed potential attacks to the critical infrastructure, your supervisor asks you to consider counterstrategies to fight the attacks you planned as a malicious actor.

Write a 350- to 700-word briefing about the counterstrategies to protect the property and human assets from the attacks you planned as a malicious actor.


...many soft targets.  For example, energy must be transported along power lines. Targeting the actual reactors would be difficult but the supply chains allow for easy access.  Targeting supbstations effectively provides the same effect as taking out the reactor because the energy network is reliant on these substations to deliver the energy.  In the New York Black out of 2003,

Government and industry officials ultimately blamed the event on a series of flaws compounding other flaws, including neglected transmission lines, careless system operators and faulty...