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BPA 302 Week 4 Learning Team Citizen Expectations Paper

BPA 302 Week 4 Learning Team Citizen Expectations Paper

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Public Opinion BPA302

The United States- Korean Free Trade Agreement is an important plan that impacts both countries. Taking the time to evaluate how the agreement will affect a community or country is an important step. Public opinion polls can take a sampling of opinions and evaluate an outcome of how others may have voted within a population. Public polls from Korea and America are discussed in addition to interest group positions and recommended methods for stakeholders.


Public Opinion Polls With public opinion polls regarding an agreement on trade there will be differences, some that will be for the trade agreement and those opposing the agreement. With the trade deficit in the United States climbing with no end in sight with a January ...United States and Korea have been working on a trade agreement over the last few years that will reduce the current roadblocks of trading within the two countries. Both governments say that the trade agreement between the two countries will improve trading and create jobs in their countries.