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BEH 225 Assignment Week 7 Attitudes

BEH 225 Assignment Week 7 Attitudes

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Required Source: Your primary source must be the assigned reading from the textbook. If you use other sources in addition to the textbook, make sure that they meet/exceed the standards for quality academic sources. Also, refer to any sources and/or supporting materials posted with the assignment.

Write a 700+ word APA style paper. Discuss how attitudes are formed and influenced. Describe how individual and group behaviors are affected by society. Explain the three main components of attitudes and how they are affected through persuasion, conformity, and biases. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. (Use the template provided)


… from individual experience. Experience forms strong beliefs concerning specific ideas and these strong … the attitude component impacting behavior (McLeod, 2009). For example, if a person run from a spider … instance, situational factors such as group size, degree of unanimity and the nature of the task impact how ... force in this propensity to act in specific ways and to believe in certain ideas. These attitudes can impact ...