ACCT 504 Discussion Balance sheet

ACCT 504 Discussion Balance sheet

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What is a balance Sheet?

Balance sheet Income statement Statement of retained earnings Statement of cash flows Earnings per share, current ratio, and debt to total assets


The total assets are made up of the current assets and the long-term assets. A current asset is one a... into money. Long-term assets are those assets on the financial sheets that take longer than 12 months to use up or turn into cash. ÒThe current ratio expresses the relationship of current assets to current liabilities completed by dividing current assets by current liabilities.Ó (Kieso, 2013, et al.). Asset turnover calculates how proficiently a business uses its assets to generate sales. Debt to total assets measures the percentage of total assets ...otal assets. The current cash debt coverage ratio is the ratio of cash provided by operating activities to average current liabilities. It represents liquidity because it uses cash given ...