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            Need help with your academic work? Looking for a quality tutor? Perhaps you need a study guide or textbook? No problem, we have everything you need on Academic Collective.  To find what you need use our catalog to search by class or by subject. You can also search for specific tutors and sellers. If things seem a bit confusing, then check out our more extensive directions on the menu at the top Using this Site. If you need more assistance, then feel free to contact us

            Tutors and Sellers

            Academic Collective is the premier marketplace for all things relating to academics. Whether you specialize in math, english, or computer science; there is a place for you on Academic Collective.  When you join our collective of tutors and sellers you will be provided with a store collection page where you can display all your goods. Academic Collective actively advertises your products on different social media channels to help you sell. 

            Academic Collective is a transparent marketplace that allows you to engage directly with your customers. We can offer you email links on your store collections as well as links to your websites. Every seller is provided a dashboard that allows them to create, edit, and review their products. We provide digital goods selling as well as traditional products such as textbooks and educational supplies. We also offer turnkey solutions. If you want to sell your goods on your own website as well as on Academic Collective, we can provide you with product embed codes so that you can concentrate on writing blogs or webpages while Academic Collective handles your sales. 

            Post your products on Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, or any site that accepts HTML code. Easily expand your market presence across multiple internet channels. The best part is that you will have one POS system and whole lot less headache! 

            If you are just starting out as a tutor or small business selling academic products, then Academic Collective can get you started.  Grow your business by concentrating on the thing you do best without worrying about SEO and building websites.  If you are an established business, then open a new market channel with Academic Collective. Its free and easy to use. Learn More or Sign Up.

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