Identify a health care setting. Describe how the organizational culture and quality are linked. What concrete steps would you take as a manager toward improving culture and quality?

An HMO office with multiple doctor settings provides for a busy healthcare setting with many employees and clients. The culture of the HMO must be positive in order to adapt to change in the market and in the regulatory environment. A positive culture is linked directly with quality because quality is the result of being able to adopt better practices and more effective means of performance. This means that a positive culture is typically a high quality culture due to its ability to evolve in the healthcare environment.

In order to facilitate improved culture and quality, I would take steps to increase the best practices of a facilitating care and access but also to promote a more effective culture in which workers are able to facilitate changes effectively through best practices. For example, using technology such as healthcare websites, which are largely underutilized and judged without critical thought. According to Harris (2003),
The desirability of a consumer choice–driven health care system depends on the ability of consumers to actively use information to evaluate and select among alternative service providers (Harris, 2003).

One would think that healthcare consumers would have an easier time with decision making but many are unable to decipher which sources are beneficial and trustworthy from untrustworthy sources. For this reason, organizations such as the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) provide information concerning healthcare quality in order to make better decisions. This this provides the back bone for integrating technology in order to facilitate better care and more communication.

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