Brian Williams Ethical Issue

What is Brian’s ethical issue? 2. why does it matter?

Brian Williams was found guilty of fabricating news stories and exaggerating his role in them (Kludt, 2015). The ethical issue in this situation, in my opinion, is that it is the responsibility of media outlets to report accurate information in an unbiased manner. This means that media outlets need to gather facts, check the facts and present the facts without any outside forces such as political pressures or social influences affecting the way in which the facts are presented. Brain Williams crossed this standard most likely to gain high ratings at the expense of reporting objective news.  Unfortunately, too many media outlets deliver opinion rather than facts.


This is bad situation because Williams brings into question the credibility of NBC as well as other reporters. Reporters are given special protections under freedom of speech and situations such as this call into question the truthfulness of all reporters. For this reason, I believe that Brian Williams should have been fired not suspended.