Custom Study Guides

Custom Study Guides Process:

1. Fill out the custom paper form with all the necessary information. Then click "Submit".
2. Next, we will send you an email with your price estimate. Please remember that you may not receive a response for a few hours due to time zone differences.
4. Once you agree to the estimate price, we require a deposit to get started on your custom paper request. We will start your work as soon as we receive this deposit.
5. We will let you know when your custom work is finished and will release your custom paper to you when full payment is received.

Returns, Refunds, & Cancellations: Please note that if you cancel your order anytime after we collect your deposit, we will keep your deposit as payment for the time spent working on your paper. Also, the deadline that you set for us to finish your custom work is also the deadline for your full payment. Academic Collective will only hold your finished paper for 3 days after your deadline date passes, then we will assume cancellation, keep your deposit, and sell your custom study guide to another customer. We do not allow refunds or returns on any custom papers. If you are not satisfied with your custom paper purchase, we may be willing to work an agreement out with you. Our policies on these matters vary depending on the individual circumstance.