Provide an example of the three models of management ethics – moral, immoral, and amoral. Do you agree that amorality is a serious problem? Explain –MGT 401

The problem with ethics in management is that it can be costly. This leads to issues with how ethics are treated. For example, informing customers of problems with products may be the moral practice but this can cost companies money and other issues such as dissatisfaction. As such, ignoring serious problems and issues from customers can be considered immoral but it will likely save the company money and the customer. I believe that this leads many managers to the state of being amoral. Many managers simply do not care about the rightness or wrongness of a situation because it is easier to follow the rules and not place themselves at risk. This is probably the worst and most common form of ethical practice because it removes the manager (at least cognitively) from some form of culpability.  It is also a terrible practice because it leads to bottom line thinking or achieving results with a care for the method of achievement.