HSM 210 Discussion Demographic Trends Do You Expect To Have The Greatest Impact On Human Services Delivery

One of the largest growing demographic is the elderly.  With individuals living longer and longer this means that human services programs will need to be expanded and increased in cost to provide for this ever increasing demographic. Over the next four decades, the United States is expected to experience rapid growth in its older population and this will have a severe impact on the healthcare and Medicare and Medicaid programs. By 2030, all of the baby boomers will have moved into the older population (those aged 65 years and older). In my city like most cities this is going to have a serious impact on local taxes and social security. With healthcare reform still looming there could be large changes in the manner that human services are delivered in every community. For instance, if healthcare is government controlled and everyone must pay for insurance, than this could increase other programs that would compensate the elderly for the lost revenue.