What are the key functions of management in health care organizations?

The key functions of a management in health care organizations is similar to the functions of management in other industries.
Planning is used by management to prepare a specific strategy for providing for the needs of the client and organization (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). Planning includes setting priorities and determining the best course of action for accomplishing the mission an vision of the healthcare organization.
Organizing is the action of planning in which healthcare managers take the plan and organize the workforce and resources into the specific roles necessary to complete the plan (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). Each Organizing is a large function for management and may include: creating positions, determining responsibilities and duties for the plan.
Leading involves inspiring employees to reach the goals and put the plan into action (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). It is the manager’s responsibility to ensure everyone is communicating during each phase of a process.
The manager controls the overall processes of putting the campaign plans into action by ensuring communication, leading and organizing (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). This means utilizing metrics and feedback in order to make sure that the plan is being executed properly.
Thompson, J. M., Buchbinder, S. B., & Shanks, N. H. (2015). An overview of Healthcare Management . Jones & Bartlett.

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