Interdisciplinary Teams- what are these, and how may the lead to improvements in the industry?

Interdisciplinary teams are groups of health care professionals from diverse fields who work who work in a coordinated manner which is for the benefit of the patient. Interdisciplinary teams are helping to improve the industry by creating new methodology for healthcare delivery. This has become a major factor in comprehensive health care by establishing a blueprint for restructuring hospitals and integrating services with clinics and other practices (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). The key elements in the interdisciplinary teams includes collaboration and communication between health care professionals. Through a high degree of collaboration and communication, professionals from various fields can create healthcare planning that is based on biological, psychological, and social needs of the patient (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). In order to accomplish this type of care an interdisciplinary health care team must be comprised of physicians, psychologists, social workers, occupational, and physical therapists.

This integrated healthcare approach costs more in the short term but it decreases cost in the long run. This benefit occurs due to the fact that a more comprehensive healthcare plan can be made that is tailored for the client’s individual needs (Thompson, Buchbinder, & Shanks, 2015). This better to in the long run than one-size-fits all approaches.

Thompson, J. M., Buchbinder, S. B., & Shanks, N. H. (2015). An overview of Healthcare Management . Jones & Bartlett.

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