COMM 310 Week 2 Public Speaking Self Reflection

Review the feedback you received from the Individual Speech Evaluation Forms filled out by your peers and instructor relating to your Impromptu Presentation in Week One.

Prepare a 350- to- 700- word reflection that answers the following questions:

  • What verbal and nonverbal speaking anxiety signs did you see?
  • What specific areas do you intend to work on in this class?
  • What do you want to accomplish in this course?
  • How would you plan to improve weak areas to accomplish your goals?

In order to improve my public speaking abilities, I have created the following action plan. I have three important goals and steps for accomplishing these goals. The following goals and plan should allow me to make improvements to my public speaking.

Goal: Construct clear main points and organize them to follow a consistent pattern.

Problem: When speaking in public I often find my speech becoming confused or that thoughts come out in a random way.

Action Plan

  1. Choose a clear topic or thesis
  2. Create an order of sequence for ideas
  3. Make sure the conclusion and introduction are appropriate
  4. Use relevant sources to prove thesis (Verderber et al, 2010 pg. 297).


Goal: Learn to look directly at the audience members when speaking.

Problem: I often find myself staring down or looking away from the audience.

Action Plan

  1. Practice alone in front of a mirror
  2. Review speech and commit the material to memory in order to know it in a strong way
  3. Create a feedback system such as using a recorder or video tape
  4. Have a friend or fellow student assess my speech and point out where I stray from the audience (Verderber et al, 2010 pg. 351).


Goal: Make sure that my body language supports my speech and that I look involved.

Problem: My body language is often robotic and I seem nervous.

Action Plan

  1. Personalize the speech- if it is personal my body language and facial expressions will reflect this involvement.
  2. Learn the material well enough to be conversational
  3. Practice using a recorder or video in order to see where volume and tone is appropriate
  4. Practice with friends or fellow students in order to become comfortable (Verderber et al, 2010 pg. 336).

These goals and steps should allow me to increase my public speaking ability. The steps have been created with the focus of becoming ‘natural’ with my speech delivery. This overall goal should allow me to become a better public speaker.