COMM 110 Speech and Presentation Critiques


Review the critique feedback you received from your peers on last week’s presentation.

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on the following questions:

  • What role does peer review and critique play in effective presentations?
  • What are some constructive presentation and speech critique methods?
  • How do you plan to implement your teammate’s suggestions in future presentations?
  • How do you plan to implement what you have seen be successful in your classmates’ presentations?

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Speech and Presentation Critiques


Peer review and critique are extremely important to building effective presentations. This importance is based on the fact that it is difficult to objectively judge one’s presentation while simultaneously delivering it. There is an element of subjectively also because individuals tend to hear the presentation in a manner that is biased to them. Simply speaking we often believe we sound better than we do when presenting information.  For this reason, having a peer review the presentation is an effective means of finding faults or issues within the content. In the absence of a peer review another method for critiquing a presentation is to film it. Being able to look at yourself delivering the presentation can be insightful and allow for weaknesses in the content and the delivery to be corrected.  Combining these methods may be the more effective means of improving presentations.  This is due to the fact that there are nuances to speeches that involve many elements such as nonverbal behavior, eye contact, pitch, posture, body movements, and tone.  These elements are difficult to assess when using just one method such as video tape.  Interaction with a peer is essential to creating an effective speech for this reason.

My teammates believed that my presentations were delivered in a monotone way and lack strength. I believe that I am going to utilize a video camera to record myself and review and practice in this way.  Some of my classmates were very natural and this was due to their use of nonverbal behavior. For instance, making eye contact with the audience and remaining focused on audience responses allowed for many individuals to be audience-centered. I felt this was a strong point for creating persuasion and keeping the audience attention. I am going to also enlist the help of my peers to review my presentation in order to make sure that I have covered all of the elements for a successful presentation.  I will incorporate these methods into my speech preparation in order to maximize the effectiveness of the presentation.