Please describe the AIM concept and provide an example of how you can use it in your professional or personal life.

COM 295 Week 3 Discussion Question AIM

The AIM concept is actually rather simple in theory. Audience, Ideas, and Message are the three components of AIM. AIM is an audience centered approach which allows a person presenting an idea to tailor the idea to the audience which creates better understanding and credibility (Cardon, 2014). For example, at my work, we have to present ideas to management in the form of presentations. If we analyzed the audience and understand that managers are busy people who seeking concise answers then this provides a strategy for presenting ideas. If the idea is something like a new computer system, then we analyze the idea to determine what are the best methods of delivering the idea and how it should be presented in order to be the most persuasive. Then the message is tailored such as through a PowerPoint which allows for quick and concise delivery of the message. While it sounds simple, AIM does require some thought in order to fully develop a message properly and credibly.