Most people receive sales messages in the mail. Please select one message that you found interesting to discuss with the class with a focus on the following points.

COM 295 Week 3 Discussion Question Analyzing a Sales Message

  1. Name and explain the psychological tools of influence were used in the message?
  2. Explain if the message appealed to your emotional or logical values.
  3. Name the changes you would make to create a more effective message.

The following email message is an advertisement for a popular online selling platform known as Shopify. What is interesting about this ad is that it cleverly uses its competitor eBay to advertise for its own shopping platform.

Interesting Fact

On Labor Day weekend in 1995, a computer programmer wrote the code for an “experiment.” He wanted to know what would happen if everyone in the world had access to a single global marketplace. To test his idea, he came up with an auction website (now eBay), where he listed a broken laser pointer that he was going to throw away. In the end, a collector bought it for $14.83. Surprised, he contacted the winning bidder to ask if he understood that the laser pointer was broken. In his responding email, the buyer explained: “I’m a collector of broken laser pointers.”

Read More Interesting Business Stories

This message employs several psychological tools starting with building interest through a narrative. The story builds desire as it reveals the auction site eBay was started with a broken laser pointer for sale. The message also calls to action because it ends with link more. I felt this message was great in many ways because it subtly challenges the reader to seek more information and stories. This type of advertising will soon have the reader digesting information about the Shopify ecommerce system in the hopes that the person will open a small business. This is both emotional because it appeals to curiosity and even greed. But it also is logical because it rationally moves the reader to understand that business can be started with almost nothing.