Do you think body language affected the ability to listen?

COM 295 Week 1 Discussion Question Body Language Affected The Ability To Listen

Class, select one item from the checklist noted in the text reading. Use that one item and describe and example where you have experienced this barrier either on your part of another person’s part.

Do you think body language affected the ability to listen?

If so, in what ways?

When critically listening, one challenges the speaker’s message by evaluating the accuracy, meaningfulness, and utility of the message. When one is actively listening, he or she will use techniques such as paraphrasing the message being sent and repeating it in one’s own words. In this way, the listener has fully engaged the speaker and can understand if there are parts to the message that make or do not make sense.


Body language provides a speaker with confirmation that ideas are being properly received. Without the body language or tone of voice to give clues a speaker might assume the audience is uninterested. Using body language such as gesturing with one’s hands or avoiding the use of body language such as rolling one’s eyes can add to the importance of the message and the ability of the person to communicate.  For example, I often find myself staring down or looking away from a speaker. This body language is bad because it may appear to the speaker that I am not interested in them (Verderber, Verderber, & Deanna, 2010).