COM 295 Week 4 Persuasive Messages

Select a product or service for this assignment.

Review Ch. 9 of Business Communication about writing effective persuasive messages.

Complete the following two parts to sell the product or service to two different audiences.

 Part I:

Write a message to persuade your boss to invest capital resources to develop the product or service for sale. 

Include secondary research to support your argument and explain what you will do in case the selected product or service does not initially sell as much as expected. Cite and reference sources using APA formatting.

Select the appropriate channel for delivering your message based on context, audience, and purpose.

Explain why you selected the channel.

Note: Part I is the basis of your Week 5 Persuasive Presentation assignment.

 Part II: 

Write a sales pitch to sell the product/service to the end consumer. The sales pitch that you write could be part of a marketing campaign, which can be the verbiage for a commercial, a flyer, a message posted on social network, and so on. Make sure to identify the context, as per the examples, in which the sales pitch will take place.

Select the appropriate channel for delivering your message based on context, audience, and purpose.

Explain why you selected the channel.

Include an APA formatted title page for the assignment. 

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Part I:


Memo to Supervisor of Drug King

Strategic Partnership

After having researched possible new products and services for Drug King, I have created a low risk strategy which can be implemented quickly and for low cost.  The current strategy of the Drug King is to sell pharmaceuticals through prescriptions. Currently, 62% of our income is derived from pharmacy sales. The other percentage of sales comes from selling over-the-counter medications, health, personal care items, cosmetics, household necessities, beverages, foods, greeting cards, holiday merchandise, convenience products, and photo processing.

The Drug King brand is essentially locked into the filling of prescriptions.  In order to change this, it is necessary for Drug King to enhance its brand by associating it with a known and valued brand. This can be done by strategically partnering with a company such as GNC.

By partnering with companies such as GNC, there is little risk since these companies provide the product and Drug King sells it through its locations.  This plan reduces the cost of designing and implementing a new product. There is reduced risk because if the product fails it is discontinued. There is also the benefit of carrying a brand name that is respected and valued.



Communication Summary


This memo was chosen as a formal approach to persuading a superior of the value of a strategic partnership with GNC. This channel was chosen because it provides comprehensive information and there is little noise.

Part II: 



Drug King

Drug King is pleased to announce that we offer GNC vitamins and minerals as well many other GNC products!  As you know, GNC is one of the highest quality vitamin supplement companies and we are proud to bring you these products. You can now get all your healthcare needs in one convenient location. Drug King will fill your prescriptions and provide all your health and beauty needs. Use this 10% off coupon on your next visit to get a discount on your GNC vitamins or supplements.

Communication Summary

The channel for this message was a flyer which was chosen to engage the local market directly. This channel allows for the largest audience other than TV or radio. By direct mailing coupons this provides an incentive or persuasiveness to the message.