COM 295 Week 4 Discussion Question Presentation

Class, please reflect on the ten Principles for Establishing Presence. Think of a presentation someone (could be your own) made and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation using the ten items listed in the text.

What would you recommend the person do to become a more effective presenter in the future?

One thing that I find frustrating about presentations is the fact that people will often misuse power point. Just like an essay or term paper a presentation must have a thesis or goal. The goal of any presentation is to transmit an idea to an audience. Ultimately, one is trying to make a group aware of an idea or a concept which they might not have been aware.  What I find most frustrating in my workplace is that people will fill a slide full of words and show this as the presentation. The entire point of the presentation is to present the idea using visual aids. If you are going to just put words on a slide then you should just had out a document. Visual aids should be used to highlight and emphasize points being made.