COM 295 Week 4 Discussion Question Attention-Getter

Table 14.1 of Chapter 14 includes a table showing an Attention-Getter and an example. Please study these seven items and select one for development and discussion within our class.

  1. Identify the Attention-Getter you wish to use.
  2. Use your personal or professional experiences to create an example of the Attention-Getter you are developing
  3. Explain to the class why you consider it to be a valuable presentation method
  4. Review and comment on other student postings.

I personally like the intriguing statistic. My early writing classes discussed this concept and I have found that it is effective in opening most communications that are meant to persuade an audience. For example, in the workplace if I am trying to convince my boss to change a particular policy or implement a protocol I find that using facts are often the best way to motivate change.  Several months ago, my workplace was dealing with loss of productivity issues and what we found was that many people were spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook. When asked my opinion on whether I felt that we should implement internet software blocks I made use of some interesting facts to argue for blocks on internet sites. I started my argument with:

Is access to Facebook really a productive use of company time? The facts would say no. In a survey by, it was revealed that,

Sixty-four percent of respondents report wasting one hour or less each day, 22% waste approximately 2 hours daily, and 14% waste 3 or more hours each workday (, 2008)…

Of the time wasted, 48% was due to internet use (, 2008).

This argument proved to be successful and a software program that blocks social media was implemented. We also improved work productivity.