Class, please review George Love’s short presentation and reflect on the one most important learning you can take with you to your work environment.

COM 295 Week 5 Discussion Question Modern Workplace

One of the primary features of the modern workplace is diversity. With the growth of globalization, the workplace is becoming increasingly more diverse. This diversity mandates the need for cross cultural competency and awareness. People who are culturally aware and competent maintain high levels empathy, comfort with differences, awareness, reflectiveness, flexibility, and an appreciation of other cultures. I believe that cultural awareness, flexibility, and empathy are the competencies that I would need to further develop in order to be an effective manager.

I chose these particular competencies because I believe that I may lack sufficient capability in these areas, but also because I believe that these particular competencies directly impact management and leadership effectiveness. An effective manager must have certain leadership skills, one of which is effective communication. A leader creates visions that must be communicated so that the vision is understood, supported and ultimately worked towards. The communication of this vision is only effective when one can understand and penetrate barriers such as language and cultural differences.