What is the difference between mission and vision statements? What factors must be considered to produce an appropriate mission and vision statement for an organization?

A mission statement is a short phrase that encompasses the primary purpose of the company or organization. For this reason, the mission statement must be written in a manner that is accurate and easily comprehended by all members of the organization. It should be noted that the mission statement is highly dependent on the vision statement. The vision statement is a description of the future of the company and is often different than the current state of the company. This difference bolsters the mission and adds credibility to it by showing that mission has not yet been accomplished.

Some considerations when writing a mission and vision statement includes:

  • Mission statements should be developed with awareness of stakeholders, the primary activities of the organization. The statement should not be long or too detailed but instead short and to the point.
  • Vision statements should be directed to the future state of the organization and should not be longwinded either. This statement should reflect the mission and show where the company desires to be in the future (Dess, Lumpkin, and Marilyn, 2005).


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