Has your organization’s strategic plan been communicated to you? If so, how and by whom? If not, how would such communication improve your organizational effectiveness? Is it important for employees to know the strategic plan of a company? Why or why not?

In my current organization leadership communicates the strategic plan in top down manner. Specifically, executives communicate to the management tier and management talks to front line employees. This is a common way to structure communication of the strategic planning. One of the benefits of this structure is that it allows the manager to customize communication to their particular team or department. Also it allows them the opportunity to filter out any sensitive information. As such the strategy is disseminated in a manner that is focused on individual functional areas.

This method of communicating the planning works well because it focuses the functional areas on their specific tasks. However, this method also fails to unify the company in a cohesive manner. While the mission and vision may be accessible, the objectives are compartmentalized. This means that individual areas may not understand fully how their tasks contribute to the overall strategy.