Class, do you think management should vary their communicational strategies depending upon the change? When would face-to-face communications be necessary? When are e-mail announcements sufficient?

Communications strategies should vary depending upon the circumstance or type of change being sought. More personal strategies such as face-to-face should be used when delivering negative impacting messages. For instance, if news that cutbacks must take place as a point of change than this should not be done through email or other impersonal means. By using an impersonal method management could cause resistance and other negative situations within the workplace.

Email messages are meant for delivering messages of an informative nature. In this manner they should be used to communicate work related information such as meeting times or customer issues. Again email should not be used to relate negative impacting news that affects employees since this can instigate other issues such as insubordination and resistance.

From these examples one can see that communications methods should vary in accordance with the form of change being presented. As well, some communications should be delivered by key personnel in order to avoid negative consequences. This would include upper management delivering companywide news (whether good or bad.) In this way, the company can create a positive culture for change. This positive culture is important because negative workplace cultures are resistant to changes.