As threats to cybersecurity systems increase, homeland security personnel must adapt and improve the tools and techniques protecting critical infrastructure assets. Given this reality, what are three security practices that owners and operators of critical infrastructure should follow to improve transportation security cyber systems?

Three practices which are basic but vital to cybersecurity include: strong policies for security, maintenance of security systems, and securing physical structures. Policies such as enforcing strong passcodes or access to specific systems is vital to cybersecurity. Policies ensure that these systems will not be compromised through user behavior. Maintenance is another area which includes updating systems as newer more secure systems become available. Having out of date software can create security issues since there is no updating of these systems against threats. Finally, physical assets such as computers and servers need to be secured properly. It is interesting how many companies pay tons of money for antivirus and malware software but then leave their servers accessible to anyone in the company.  A USB drive plugged into one of these systems could easily by pass most security and cause serious damage to a system.