Which type of terrorism (political, criminal, pathological, labor, or war) presents the most risk to society?

In my opinion, pathological terrorism is the largest threat to society because it is difficult to prevent.  A person such as the Orlando Nightclub Shooter is difficult to identify because they are acting alone.  This was what allowed Oklahoma Bombing to take place as well.  People who are acting alone can cause a great deal of damage and are extremely difficult to prevent. This is especially true in cases of soft targets such as in the Paris Attacks.  If there is going to be a prevention of this problem there needs to be more study of what makes a person susceptible to self-radicalization and the means to prevent this from occurring. It is difficult to believe that someone could be prone to becoming a terrorist simply by reading propaganda online but there must be some pattern to this process because these incidents are occurring at an alarming rate.



Many speculations have arose as to why Timothy McVeigh had such distain towards the United States Government. McVeigh stated the he was a target of bullying at school when he was growing up, and as a result he would often fantasize about retaliating on those whom he felt bullied by.  Most people who knew him say that he was withdrawn as an adolescent.  In high school he became highly interested in computers and habitually hacked into government computer systems.  McVeigh was often reprimanded by the military for racist acts. For example, he would wear a “white power” t-shirt.  Timothy aspired to join the Army Special Forces, however his psychological profile result said that he was mentally unstable.  I mention these points because it seems that there is a lot of complexity to the homegrown terrorist that has to do with circumstance and with personal traits.