Read the following viewpoints on global security tactics used to combat terrorism:   ·Reactive measures should be used to combat terrorism. ·Proactive measures should be used to combat terrorism.

Defend one of viewpoints and cite research that supports your position.

Reactive measures may seem pointless as the enemy must attack in order to justify a reaction but there are incidents where reactive measures have been effective. History shows that if a strong reaction is utilized nations that harbor terrorist are often likely to support these groups when they know that they could be held accountable by inviting open warfare from larger countries. One great example of this can be seen in Tripoli during the Regan Administration in 1986 when

Muammar Gaddafi indicated that his regime would continue to aid in similar endeavors. Openly backing terrorist groups such as Red Army Faction and the Irish Republican Army, he also attempted to claim the entire Gulf of Sidra as territorial waters. A violation of international law, this claim led President Ronald Reagan to order three carriers from the US Sixth Fleet to enforce the standard twelve-mile limit to territorial waters (Hickman, 2015).

Gaddafi’s open support of terrorist activities led to the UN authorizing the use of force against the bombing of Tripoli. The US and RAF were able to strategically strike at the city in order to  deal with the terrorist threat that was there. This action was supported by 25 different nations. I believe that this is the problem in the war against terrorism today, that we do not handle it like it is a military action and this only feeds the terrorists ability to act and find allies.


Hickman., K. (2015) International Terrorism: Bombing of Libya (Operation El Dorado Canyon)