Define the following three types of terrorism: Pathological, Labor, and War.

Pathological terrorism refers to terrorism that involves the terrorism or other people which is motivate by the desire or thrill of inflicting fear and terror on other people. This is a common form of terrorism involving school shooters and lone wolf attackers. This is also a difficult form of terrorism to defend against and predict.

Labor terrorism is a form of terrorism that refers to political and economic systems that vie for control. This form of terrorism is wrought out of perceived imbalances in power and is rooted in class theory (Macionis, 2011). For example, labor terrorism can be seen in the riots in Venezuela political and economic crisis currently taking place.

War terrorism is a form of asymmetrical warfare that occurs as the result of one opponent being larger than another. This form of terrorism can be ideologically or politically driven but shares the component of one force being larger than the other. This situation creates a need for the smaller opponent to attack the larger one using terrorist tactics.


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