BCOM 275 Career Plan Reflection Paper

Write a reflection paper no more than 350 words based on the Career Plan Building Activities completed throughout this course. In the paper, consider the following area:

  • How does this course apply to your career plan?

Career Plan Reflection





The pursuit of professional goals and career success has been a balancing of interests that are rooted in understanding the competencies associated with my job as well. My particular career has placed me in situation in which I must be able to communicate effectively with a diverse group of people as well as through different channels. Communication often challenges me to perform my career duties because of the need to be able to reach various audiences while remaining persuasive and clear. I find that this challenge and the communications concepts that I have learned in the past five weeks have provided me with foundation on which to build communications plans and create an improved leadership model. I was able to being improving my leadership qualities by understanding diverse means of communications and implementing them within my workplace in accordance with the theories and concepts laid out in this course.

Having been in school for some time now, I find that my application of leadership principles and concepts sometimes challenging in the face of the reality of the workplace. In my career I have held numerous leadership positions where I have been responsible for the actions of subordinates and for the delegation of responsibilities. One of the major challenges within this environment is finding the best means of communication and leadership practices. The challenge has always centered on the issue of communication in which when I communicated concepts or directives to one group another group seemed to be compromised or lost in the ideas. I have always believed that the goals and directives should not be compromised in this way and should have consistency amongst the audiences but I did not know how to achieve this end. As the leader, these interactions, compromises, and communication’s goals pivot on my communication’s skills and leadership practices. As a result of learning about cultural communications differences and different channels of communications, I have been able to approach the problems of communicating my ideas from different angles. As a result of this knowledge, I was able to expand my leadership by creating more coherent channels to communicate through. I believe this has the benefit of allowing me to create a more productive workplace as well as a more positive workplace culture.